Esports is a subset of the video game industry and shares several characteristics with athletics and professional competitive sporting events. The variety of titles, gaming genres and styles make esports a diverse discipline.

Our core values are construed around the concepts of innovation in terms of training methods, professionalism in the way challenges are tackled and consistency in performance. Thus, at FWRD we consider each team member as a professional athlete as they can be found in traditional sports. While for the gamer the focus is entirely on the fun factor, the difference between a player and a professional athlete relies in the mindset and the holistic approach towards the game.

Consistent performance and a high positioning of the FWRD team is ensured through the implementation of our efficiency models, which are applied to all team members and tracked at the level of each individual athlete. The aim is to significantly enhance overall team performance by implementing and transposing empirically proven methodologies from traditional sports to the world of esports.